2 studios in Montréal : 7 avenue Laurier east and 390 Rue Guy

Guest Teachers


Sunday the 26th of August – 6pm to 7:30pm

Mile-End Studio

Be reintroduced to your own limitless potential through energizing movement, breath work and centering of your mind. Begin grounding your intention with slow meditative movement to link your body with your breath. Continue with a dynamic intermediate flow of poses that will activate your glutes and deactivate your lower back. Conclude with supine opening poses, allowing yourself to be fully present with an open heart. Walk away feeling more expansive and truly awake then ever before.

Member: 25$
Regular: 35$

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Chelsey Korus’ teaching and movement philosophy comes from her passion for life and the inspiration she finds from nature. She approaches life through the lens of constant learning and loves to share the wisdom she’s gathered along her journey in hopes of helping others become AWAKE; to be aware and present in their own lives.
She began teaching yoga at age 15 and is proficient in numerous movement practices: Anusara, Power Vinyasa, Ashtanga, Acro, as well as martial arts, free form dance and ballet. Aside from an exceptional depth of practice, Chelsey has bachelors degrees in Dance, Theater and Vocal Performance.
A decade of learning and teaching around the world has led her to design, AWAKE with Chelsey Korus — a “total package lifestyle” around SOUL * SPIRIT * ENVIRONMENT — “The concept of AWAKE is a driving force in my life… I don’t want to live another second asleep. These are the practices I’ve designed to help people awaken to their moment, and have the tools to step into their wholeness.”

Matt Phippen – 17th to 20th of August


Yoga is the love of my life. It’s my deepest motivation.  It moves and drives the actions I take, and it lights up the lens through which I see the world. I love the precision of Iyengar, and the way in which it aligns the body.  I appreciate equally the freedom and creativity Vinyasa offers, and the way Asana can become a dance once the poses are understood.  I blend the two together, and offer an intelligent and fun experience. I am a constant learner and an avid student, and am always taking what I learn into what I teach.




Workshop: Shoulderstand and Headstand with Matt Phippen

18 Aout 2pm to 4pm – Mile End 

King’s and Queen’s: an in-depth exploration of Headstand (the “king” pose) and Shoulderstand (the “queen” pose). Using a variety of different props to safely navigate these postures, this workshop will help you find proper mechanics and good technique. If you’re a teacher wanting new and intelligent ways to teach these postures and variations of them; or a serious student who has yet to feel truly comfortable in them, this is all for you.

Member: 25$
Regular: 35$

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Britta Rael and Lauren Clausen 

AccroYoga Workshop

21st of August 7:30pm to 9:30pm – Griffintown Studio 

AcroYoga mixes the dynamic power of acrobatics with the wisdom of yoga and the great tenderness that comes from touch. As part of this workshop for students of all levels, we will build the foundation of the practice by cultivating physical strength, confidence, playfulness, and sensitivity of the heart. 

Whether it is your first experience or you have already proven yourself, you will find challenge and joy here! Expect to perform asanas, strengthening exercises, assisted inversions, basic acrobatics with partners, therapeutic exercises and Thai massage techniques. Come with open heart and mind. We look forward to sharing this moment with you!

No experience or no partner needed!

Britta Rael and Lauren Clausen are both seasoned acroyoga teachers who travel to the four corners of the globe to teach in workshops, retreats, and festivals. Join them also in the acroyoga classes they will be giving at the Tremblant Wanderlust Festival from August 23rd to 26th.

25$ Members
35$ Regular

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Lauren Clausen fell in love with the practice of AcroYoga during her first flight in 2008 and hasn’t stopped playing ever since. As a Level 2 Certified AcroYoga teacher, Lauren focuses on building community by fostering trust, connection, and communication. Her classes are full of laughter and playfulness, while providing challenging options for all levels. Often the only prerequisites are a good attitude and willingness to try something new. 

When she is not in the air and has no one on her feet, Lauren can be found near the sea or in the mountains. Lauren has taught in over 10 countries and loves interacting with each new community and culture. Currently, Lauren teaches weekly classes in Boston and regularly at festivals and workshops around the world.​



Britta Rael’s passion for living a mindful, creative and adventurous lifestyle is ever-present through her classes and workshops. Her harmonious personality, teaching confidence, and devotion to sharing high caliber practices have made her an internationally recognized leader in the yoga and acroyoga communities. She creates inclusive, safe and engaging learning environments and her classes are filled with laughter.

Britta has over 1,000 hours of teaching and training experience in yoga, acrobatics and Thai massage. She is a certified Level 2 AcroYoga teacher, 200-hour registered Yoga teacher, and fitness coach. She draws her inspiration for these practices by people watching, researching, and spending as much time in nature as possible.

Jhennevièv Heartt

The 4th and 6th of September
Griffintown and Mile-End Studios!
It’s not one but two events with Jhennevièv Heartt that we are offering to you! A practice for the mouvement and another one for the breathe. On this journey, we will open with intention, set the tone with fluid movement to connect to the body and walk the path of transformation with breath. Come heart forward!
NAI’A YOGA JOURNEY :Ecstatic Surrender
Tuesday, September 4th @ 7:30pm, Griffintown Studio
Come experience this seamlessly sequenced Nai’a movement journey. Explore a simple yet intricate blend of mobility, animal locomotion, deep juicy evolutionary yoga to spark your brain’s neuroplasticity, make your body more agile, more alive and stronger then dive into subtle body activations through breath, stillness, and heart opening ritualistic offerings that will give a whole new meaning to a collective practice.
Member: 20$
Regular: 25$
Thursday, September 6th @ 7:30pm, Mile End Studio
Join Jhennevièv on a life-enhancing journey that will leave you awe-struck.
NAI’A’s integrative breathwork is a profound approach to conscious breathwork that focuses on cellular oxygenation and on the integration of restrictive patterns (all the barriers and filters you carry with you). This experience is uplifting, freeing and clearing and so much more powerful when done as a collective!
Member: 20$
Regular: 25$

Magi Pierce –  9th til 11th of September

Mile-End Studio
Classes and Workshop!
We are the luckiest to receive Magi Pierce again at our Mile-End Studio!! She will teach couple classes and a workshop! 

For the last decade, Magi’s insightful teaching has facilitated students’ self-study by melding the paths of astute anatomical focus with open-hearted devotion and intention. Her way is equal parts precise and kind and reflects a fervent love and dedication to this path. Magi is on the 200RYT training faculty at Kula Yoga Project in NYC where she teaches full time and runs a mentorship program for TT graduates and newer teachers. She is also the co-creator and co-director of the 200RYT teacher training held at JP Centre Yoga.


Workshop: Strong Core Soft Center

Sunday 9th of September @ 2pm – Mile End Studio
You have heard teachers say- Use your belly, Listen to your gut, Find your center. Sounds nice and yet, how do we actually do these things?
This workshop will articulate how to access the physical and energetic strength that comes with clear connection to the solar plexus. Practice will use isolated abdominal exercises, bandha work, and specific kriyas (actions) to clear blockages and awaken the low belly and fire-center.
These techniques will be woven throughout the asana practice in order to apply and embody this connection. This workshop is ideal if you need a bit of fire or want to learn how to manage your fire more effectively. Expect to move, breathe, and direct energy with precision. All are welcome.
Member: 25$
Regular: 35$




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