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Guest Teachers

Alex Auder – 1st to 4th of February

Alex Auder, director of Magu Yoga, was recently included on a list of America most influential yoga teachers (she was in the top 25!): sonima.com. 

Alex is a native New Yorker who grew-up in the Chelsea Hotel with her mother, Viva (an Andy Warhol Superstar), and her sister, the actress, Gaby Hoffmann.  She is very excited to bring her 20 years of teaching experience (almost half of her life!) to Philadelphia. Known as one of NYC’s preeminent teachers, she has developed a keen eye and a genuinely authentic and original voice.  She began her teaching career in 1996 at Jivamukti Yoga Center and at her own studio in Rhinebeck, NY (now Satya Yoga). During her years in Upstate NY, she studied closely with her Vedanta teacher, Shubraji, who continues to deeply influence her teaching and her practice. Over the last 10 years Alex had been teaching out of her own studio in the WestVillageYoga (critics pick in NY Magazine) and as a senior teacher at Kula Yoga Project until she recently moved to Mt Airy. Informed by her study of Iyengar Yoga, Kula Yoga, and the work of Nevine Michaan (among others), her classes are known for her ability to gracefully integrate clear and precise alignment cues, intelligent sequencing, Vedanta, and generous amounts
of masterful hands-on assists.

Workshop 1: Somatic Core Stability and Wise Adjustements

Saturday, February the 3rd – 2pm to 4pm 

Both the modern vinyasa student and teacher know that there are repetitive actions required to teach and take a “flow” class that are hard to avoid.  Down dog, Plank, a form of a push-up, Cobra and/or Updog.  How can the elemental actions of these shapes and the transitions between them be codified in a way that is stable, safe, enjoyable, revealing, and applicable to the rest of the practice? And how can our adjustments of these forms better serve the student and allow for a deeper understanding of our bodies? 

Breaking down the fundamental elements required for all of the above actions can become what looks like a new set of actions altogether.  I call this a META surya Namaskar A. 

We will tackle the dissemination of information, core stability, Somatics, the fundamentals of various breathing techniques. We will explore how to imbed stability exercises within a sequence and wise hands-on assists.

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Workshop 2: Fundamentals of a clean lined Handstand 

Even if you nail a handstand every time—this workshop will still help to break down how you nail it, to articulate what it is required, and how you can help teach others to learn these skills.
Even if you can’t do a handstand at all, this workshop will help you gain stability (which is useful for ALL things) and figure out the appropriate range of motion needed to approach a handstand. 
We will work on:
*conditioning exercises 
*shoulder stability/mobility
*core stability (stabilizing the relationship between pelvis, rib basket, & shoulders)
*pelvic stability
Regular 40$ Members 25$ *

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Magi Pierce  22th to 24th of April

For the last decade, Magi’s insightful teaching has facilitated students’ self-study by melding the paths of astute anatomical focus with open-hearted devotion and intention. Her way is equal parts precise and kind and reflects a fervent love and dedication to this path. Magi is on the 200RYT training faculty at Kula Yoga Project in NYC where she teaches full time and runs a mentorship program for TT graduates and newer teachers. She is also the co-creator and co-director of the 200RYT teacher training held at JP Centre Yoga in Boston.

Worshops and classes schedule to come very soon! 

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