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Stay tuned on our “DJ Live” and “Live Music” schedule!

Come and embrace the true connexion between Music and Yoga!


“DJ Live” :

Fall under the spell of our DJ live of the moment. Mainly without lyrics, they will thrive to fuse an inspiring beat to the fluidity of our creative vinyasa.

“Live Music”:

We are very lucky to have among our team, several talented artists who, with brio, make our unique vinyasa shine by their passion.

Bios of our Musicians

We have the chance to collaborate with talented artists whom you’ll have the opportunity to discover through your yoga practice at our studio. Without a fixed schedule you get to live in the spontaneity of the present moment!

You are a musician and you’d like to join our team? Book an audition!

Contact us at montreal@wanderlustyoga.com




Dj Serious Black


DJ Serious Black is in demand as a DJ, producer and sound maven. An eclectic pioneer in her craft, she cuts and strings together sounds and songs that force the soul to move in representation of joy – -be it dance, a yoga practice, block parties or afterhours.

Serious transforms the vibes of any scene she is set lose on, her versatile roots run deep in underground hip hop, dancehall, reggae, soca/calypso, jazz and funk, she put to work her years a bassist and steel pan musician to work to create a sound that is like no other. Her seamless blends of rap, world, soul, dancehall, reggae, electronic, and trip hop in her sound and productions makes any show an event.

Serious Black’s wildly calm and versatile approach makes her highly sought-after in dynamic projects. One has to mention that she is also a single mother, touring with her son all year round. When not behind the decks or in production; she can be found in many yoga studios in and around Montreal and abroad teaching and guiding other seekers toward inner calm.

Her resume is extensive, yet she maintains an extensive touring schedule involving various artists that she has opened for and shared the stage with; DJ Drez, MC Yogi, Karsh Kale and Thievery Corporation, to Micheal Franti ,Afrika Bambataa, Kaytranada, Lord Finesse, A-Track, The Rolling Stones and DJ Kool Herc. She has appeared in festivals and organizations such Wanderlust, Montreal Jazz Festival, SumFest, Yocomo Yoga Festival, Lovebox Festival, Who’s Got NEXT, Under Pressure, Red Bull Music Academy, and Tools of WAR.

In 2015 she was signed to Black Swan Sounds and cut her first EP with them ‘END TRANSMISSION’, her second release ‘THE FUNKY TROPICAL’ was released June 2016. With 5 prior independent releases under her belt she continues to surprise audiences with her bold and live performances, bringing audiences to a wild calm within yoga studios or frenzy of unbridled joy on the dancefloor. https://youtu.be/-RHGp3MIsWw

DJ Anthony Montreuil

15211737_10157864968195252_2067211065_nAnthony Montreuil also known as DJ Tony Loco started realizing his passion for DJing in 2007. From a very young age he played many musical instruments. His longtime love of music makes you feel his shows at a deeper level. Currently a full-time Masters’ student in business he doesn’t hesitate to share his musical passion all the while creating long term friendships. When he plays he makes sure that you are immersed in a unique ambiance tailor made for the audience.






DJ MH Bee (Marie-Hélène Brousseau)

Marie-Helene BrousseauMusic has nourished me since I was young. It’s also saved me at times. I officially starting DJing in my early twenties, but this beautiful story with music started when I would spend my Sundays dancing around the kitchen table. Since then I’ve grown a bit, played here and there throughout Montreal, from Saint-Sulpice to Circus, passing through Parking Pub, the Bistro Chez Roger and Salon Daomé. I’ve become less and less nocturnal these days; I sometimes play at Bily Kun and Plan B. I love free and creative sets, where all blends are possible: electro, folk, soul, trip hop, old dusty blues, fado, soft middle-eastern. I love the power of words – even in languages that I don’t understand – and the power of melodies. I was won over by the yoga practice a few years ago and am thrilled to surf with you at Wanderlust.

DJ Buble


After a long inspirational trip to South America, DJ Buble chose to set his suitcases in Montreal, he comes back with his head filled with memories and inspiring musical colours for his creational music sets. Born in France, he has experienced the glory of the electronic music era in the year 2000 in Paris and Marseille. He is a free « electron » in his art and let his intuition and feelings lead the groove.… you won’t be disappointed!





Gotta Lago

Gotta LagoFrom Côte d’Ivoire, Gotta Lago embodies the wealth, beauty and warmth of Africa in its traditions and cultural diversity. Gotta Lago is the recipient of three scholarships established: one in 2009, CALQ (Conseil des Arts et des Lettres du Québec) a second in 2010, the ACC (Canada Council for the Arts) and a third in 2013. All served to artistic research, creating music and African vocal art. This lover of jazz and classical music grew up in a traditional musical universe. Based in Montreal since 1998, Gotta participated in many music festivals and collaborated with painters, teachers of yoga, contemporary dance, and theatre environment. He is a storyteller, percussionist dancer and musician.





Guillaume Duchesneau

GuillaumeFirst it was the classical violin, orchestra and choir in high school. Then the electric guitar and singing in bars. A degree in music therapy was waiting for me to visit this amazing journey. By following this path, I stumbled upon a large Tibetan bowl … I made it my friend. And yoga helps me to vibrate in harmony with what is. For me, music supports practice and helps guide the mind to the present. When I play for yoga classes, I like to let the violin, guitar, voice and line a bowl conducive to the internalization and meditation room.




 DJ Neerav

DJ Neerav

DJ Neerav’s mission in life is to bring positive vibes to the people wherever he plays. Equally adept at playing tribal, trance or ambient music, he favours world beat selections created or remixed by cutting edge artists as well as a fusion of DJ and Live musicians (Boreal Groove, Ina).
A veteran of renowned Interchill Records, he has toured the globe DJing at international music festivals in North and South America, Europe, Asia, and beyond.
He is also involved in many local projects in Quebec, supporting the local ecstatic dance and music scene (Flow, Northern Flow, Dance Jam) as well as Yoga and Tribal Dance events through his musical experience.

Meghan Riley

MeghansingI am a vocalist based out of Montréal, currently involved in an electro-pop project – Magmatic, and a folk vocal trio – Fruiting Bodies. I’ve also been singing for yoga classes for more than 3 years now and it has been such a gift to my personal practice as a singer. I use Tibetan singing bowls, a loop/effects pedal, guitar and my voice to accompany the class. My aim is to support your yoga practice with a flow of music; with layers of vocals and bell tones that help you to deepen into a meditative mind and deepen into your breath. Yoga and singing mesh well together because they are both based on the movement of the breath. So as you follow your breath, I follow along with mine.


Robert Sinclair

VCS_0079Rob is a teacher and performer serving up studios, dojos, dance floors and shalas. He brings a moving fusion of original world music for yoga & meditation, ecstatic & contemporary dance, contact improv underscore, massage therapy, Festival & House concerts and in communities with teachers and mentors. Rob composes, performs, and produces works spanning the genres of Folk, Popular, World, Hip-Hop, Electroacoustic, Sound Healing, Yoga Music, Ecstatic and Contemporary Dance. He is also a practicing yogi and self-inquirer, and believes in the healing and transformative capacities of sound, music and movement . . . isn’t that awesome?




Coralie Gauthier


An elf Montrealer and harpist since the age of twelve, Coralie is above all a versatile and passionate artist. Her classical training at the Conservatoire de Musique in Montreal gave her a solid technical mastery of her instrument. She then turned to the electro-acoustic carbon fiber Celtic harp , whose versatility allows her to get involved in several projects with an array of artists from diverse backgrounds (DJ, storytellers, dancers, film industry, etc.).

It is her fascination for the virtues of music on body, mind and soul that inspired her to collaborate with yoga teachers and massage therapists, and to pursue her studies in the field of music therapeutic. She is herself  graduate of yoga teaching, and the music she plays during classes at Wanderlust is enriched with a thorough understanding of this technique, enabling her to create the best balance between sounds and movements!


Eliza Moore


wanderlust prayer yoga (1)“If Sarah McLachlan, Mahatma Gandhi and Dr Martin Luther King made a band together, that would be Eliza Moore’s music.”  (Geeta Nadkarni, journalist).  Her “positively angelic” voice (Artist Direct) and “warm and haunting sound” (Times Argus) gives Eliza’s music a genre bending quality that resonates with poets, yogis, and music aficionados alike.

Eliza lives in Montreal. When she is not in her studio polishing her latest recording, she is cruising along the St Lawrence river with her two children on her Dutch bike, teaching corporate executives to breathe or inventing a new stew in her crock pot.