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Wanderlust events

Wanderlust means a great desire to travel, to learn and discover. Your body is opening up practicing yoga? Open up your mind too with these special nights you will not want to miss.


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Live Concert and Yoga


Thursday 24th of January – 6pm at Griffintown


Margaux Sauvé, better known as Ghostly Kisses, is a singer, songwriter and violinist from Quebec. She began to play the violin at the tender age of 5 gently following in the footsteps of her family of musicians. It was only years later that she started to sing when her roommate brought a keyboard to their apartment. Like a secret well kept, in solitude, she silently created her first compositions. A few months later she met Dragos Chiriac (Men I Trust) and together they brought into being Ghostly Kisses first songs. The name ‘Ghostly Kisses’ was inspired from reading William Faulkner’s poem ‘Une ballade des dames perdues’, and seemed a beautiful reflection of Margaux’s ethereal voice. 

Since the release of singles and her recent album « What You See – EP » (2017), Ghostly Kisses attracted a lot of media attention. Ghostly Kisses has also made her mark in live performances. She was part of the International Festival of Jazz of Montreal and Festival d’Été of Quebec in 2016. She also performed live in front of significant crowds in New York City and London as well as opening for world-renowned artists such as RY X, Charlotte Cardin, Milk and Bone and Trixie Whitley in New York City, Toronto and Montreal.

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Meditative Concert with 60 Crystal Singing Bowls

Saturday 16th of Febuary at 7:30pm @ Griffintown


In lotus pose, come vibrate with sixty quartz crystal bowls in binaural. Binaural sounds generate a modification of cerebral waves by balancing the two hemispheres of the brain. There are five types of cerebral waves that work like music notes. Some act on a low frequency, while others act on a higher frequency. Binaural sounds bring the individual to a perfect balance between these frequencies, so they feel more attentive and receptive to what surrounds them. They bring the individual to a state of higher consciousness, an access to universal circuits, a journey inwards to a place where everything is possible. 

Crystal singing bowls produce powerful multidirectional sounds that penetrate each cell, enabling a balance of all aspects of the being: physical, emotional, mental and vital (meridians, chakras and kundalini). 

Sound possesses the extraordinary faculty to manifest change. It is more than a simple concert, it is a healing practice in itself.


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Live Concert and Yoga


Thursday, 28th of February at 6pm @ Mile-End



Bursting with charm and energy, Sally Folk takes the stage and amazes the audience with a refreshing spirit. Her lyrics, ever so delicate and colourful, as well as her catchy melodies and rhythms can be found in her performance. True to herself, Sally invites her audience in a convivial atmosphere where she exposes her misdeeds with all the humour and self-derision that are typical of her. She also presents tracks of her album Sally&Me as well as her three francophone acts including the radio hits Heureux infidèlesOn dira aux autresC’est moi la plus belle9 à 5, and of course Les heures de visite that climbed its way to the top of the charts upon its release. Not to mention a few covers of her favorite songs that she delivers with all her authenticity! Discover a unique performer in all her splendour!


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Yin Live Music avec Vanessa DL 


Wanderlust Experience wouldn’t be complete without our unique Music Live Class!!! The perfect match to relax and travel inside with real softness.  

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Mile End

A 60 minutes class guided by the wonderful Vanessa DL at 7:30pm.

Thursday 31st of January, she will be accompanied by Dan Micha Goldman with his guitar.
Thursday 14th of February, she will be accompanied by Coralie Gauthier with her beautiful voice and guitar.


A 60 minutes class guided by the wonderful Vanessa DL at 7:30pm.

Tuesday 22nd of January, she will be accompanied by Alex Kasirer-Smibert with his guitar.
Tuesday 19th of February, she will be accompanied by Shelby Cohen with her beautiful voice and guitar. 


The “ULTIMATE” Class with Chloé Robertson 




The Ultimate Studio is a mix of cardio, muscle toning, breath work, music and intensity. With repetitive mouvements, the inner fire is awaken to liberate and transform internal tensions, bring clarity to the mind and access the powerful vitality of the body. All with added moments of pauses to take the time to consciously feel and be present to the body’s sensations. 

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Thursday 17th of January at 7:30pm – Register here!
Thursday 7th of February at 7:30pm – Register here!
Thursday 7th of March at 7:30pm – Register here!
Thursday 4th of April at 7:30pm – Register here! 

YOGA NIDRA with Patricia Letendre



Yoga Nidra is the equivalent of lucid sleep. It is a traditional technique for profound relaxation, letting the different “bodies” or Koshas relax. The benefits can be felt on the physical, energetic and emotional bodies. By using rotation exercices of the spirit inside the body, breathing techniques as well as visualization techniques, it induces a profound relaxation state. 

Practiced laying down, it gives a conscious access to the unconscious so we can install a personal resolution, a “Sankalpa” that allows it to get closer to its aspirations. Yoga Nidra allows us to widen our consciousness and to develop our potential in latency by cultivating the zones of our brain that are generally unused. It reeducates sleep and represents a bridge to awakening.
Included in membership, introduction month, back in shape promotion and card of classes. 
Thursday 10th of January at 7:30pm – Register HERE
Thursday 21st of March at 7:30pm – Register HERE! 

Women Circles with Chloe Robertson


Sisterhood. This unique bond between women brings support and comfort in a very particular way. Women’s circles are a sacred, intimate and safe space, where we can surrender to being seen as we really are. This is done with respect and care, for ourselves and for each other.

Come with the part of you that is alive, come with your authentic self, without obligations and with the choice of saying yes or no to everything that is suggested.

Event on donation

Thursday 21st of February at 7:30pm. Register HERE!
Thursday 18th of April at 7:30pm. Register HERE


6th Mile-End Anniversary

Saturday 16th of March

More information to come very very soon! 


Dharma Talk with Barrie Risman

Thursday 9th of May at 7:30pm – Mile End



Barrie Risman is widely regarded as one of Canada’s most highly skilled yoga educators and teacher–trainers. Her events weave together the technical precision of refined alignment-based practice with an ever-present awareness of the great wisdom of yoga philosophy distilled from decades of intensive study and practice. Barrie is the proud creator of The Skillful Yogi, a thriving online community of teachers and students dedicated to deepening their practice and living their yoga, and the author of the forthcoming book, Evolving Your Yoga: 10 Principles for Enlightened Practice.

She will come at our studio to share with our community on her new book! 



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