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(language of instruction – we are all fluent in Sanskrit!)

Geneviève Guérard


Principal dancer for the Grands Ballets Canadiens up until 2006, Geneviève made a transition to television as part of “Le match des étoiles” on Radio-Canada. Since then she has hosted several shows such as “Voulez-vous danser?” on Artv. Her wish to find that feeling of satisfaction through challenging herself, Geneviève discovered yoga. This discovery was a life changing revelation. After 20 years of classic dance training, she felt like she was breathing for the first time. She had finally found a practice that would keep her young while increasing her connection to the present moment.




Erik Giasson

(mainly French)

After an excellent career in finance, completing four Ironman, surviving cancer, Erik is now accomplishing himself through yoga. Years of being led by needing to perform, he now finds fulfillmenet in letting life happen through him. On this path of a simple life and truth, Erik has found many incredible teachers including Schuyler Grant and all the excellent teachers at le Studio de yoga Wanderlust, let’s not forget Ram Dass, his spiritual teacher. However, Erik’s most important teachers are his four daughters, of which he is very proud. His deep connection to music, a connection that energizes and guides him in his practice of yoga, made the affiliation with Wanderlust a natural one. His signature laughter is part of the warm welcome you will be introduced to when you take one of his classes at le studio de yoga Wanderlust.Proud father of five, his children will always remain his best teachers. Eric is also a professional speaker and coach www.erikgiasson.com.

photo credit: Anne McIsaac



Yoga, phot. Kinga Michalska (12 of 21)

 Chloé Robertson

(Mainly français)

Yoga has a continuous and evolving presence in my life. Through practice, I learned to breathe, to be aware, to find ease and grace in transitions helping me cultivate grounding and courage to face everyday challenges.  From the safe space created on the mat, I can discover and create what and who I am. Using the unique awareness that yoga permits between mind and body, I was able start the long process of freeing myself from conditioning and patterns.

As a teacher, I strive to offer sequences that reflect my own evolution in a caring space in which students can come to encounter themselves through breath and movement for a journey towards calming the mind to welcome peace and happiness.


 Janie Pelletier

(mainly French)

UpavishtaJanie discovered yoga more than ten years ago during her acting training. In 2012 she chose to become a teacher. Her greatest joy is to share her passion for life with everyone she meets. Health is the choice she made dedicating herself to the practice and teaching of yoga as well as the opportunity to learn tirelessly on nutrition, anatomy, human being and its functioning. Passionate about outdoor activities, hiking, snowboarding, biking and swimming, yoga is her alternative medicine, where she returns to focus and repair her aching muscles! Yoga is where you meet the other and oneself in all its uniqueness.

photo credit: Anne McIsaac




Jill CampbellJill Campbell


Every job or hobby I ever invested myself in plateaued. I realized that yoga had transitioned with me through many life changes and managed, not only hold on, but to stimulate interest, questions and growth. The more i learned and practiced the more i wanted to learn and practice. On the micro level, asana provides a place where i can let go of all else that swirls around in my mind; on a more macro level, it has helped me through life challenges and enriched my experience along the way, providing a platform for self-love, support and community. My refuge, my temple, my student, my meditation, my movement, my mirror, my counsellor, my community, my devil’s advocate, my rudder, my teacher, my breath, my soul… it’s right here, and, for so many reasons, i feel it all deeply when moving through asana. How can I not share it with others? I’ve practiced with wonderful guides and gurus. I pass on their teachings in honour and appreciation.


 Marie-PierMarie-Pier Turgeon


My first contact with yoga was a revelation. I knew somehow that this practice was going to be part of my live. There is no place in the world where I feel more at home than when I practice or teach yoga. When I found yoga I also found my path; I discovered techniques that would help me understand and love myself. I felt the urge to share what I was living inside, I felt I needed to teach and so I was trained in Hatha Yoga. I am learning and exploring everyday and everyday my practice is growing and flourishing. Amazed by the transformations on the body and the mind, the beauty, the grace, the connection to the breath and to the self that I meet in Vinyasa Yoga, this is what I teach and practice the most. My mission is to share that passion and love of yoga to the people.

Asami -aAsami Martens


Yoga stumbled into Asami’s life when darkness had taken over her smile, and offered her refuge. After a regular period of practice, she quickly realized her love for Yoga. Yoga practice helped Asami look deep inside of herself, face difficult challenges in her life, and made her realize the limitless potential within her body, mind and spirit. Needless to say, Asami attributes Yoga to shaping the person she is today, and has helped her accept her perfectly imperfect self through self-love.

Asami’s classes are creatively sequenced and use intelligent alignment cues. She incorporates Yoga philosophy and storytelling to make her classes more than just a physical practice. Her aim is to make students realize that they also have limitless potential within their life to grow and shine their inner beauty. Her classes are challenging and aim to bring inner smile and joy to each of her students with her passion and love towards Yoga. Asami seeks to inspire and connect with others about Yoga through her blog and social medias, helping students relate to the ups and downs of her own Yoga practice.

Yoga photo shoot with Teressa McCollumTerri McCollum

Ever since I can remember I have been interested in different tools for self discovery and expansion of thought.  I believe this is what led me to meditation and the practice of yoga asana in my adolescence.  Always active, asana was a great compliment to my other physical activities, and meditation a tool for calming and focusing my busy mind.

At 19 I took my first trip to India to study more deeply and intensely the practice and philosophy of yoga. That first trip took me to a number of Ashrams in Southern India, I developed a keen desire to know more about the history, language and culture surrounding yoga. This fascination led me to complete my studies in Asian religion and South Asia and to make several subsequent trips to India.

Over the years I have been blessed to have the opportunity to practice with many wonderful teachers from many disciplines.  In 2002 I met Pattabhi Jois, his daughter Saraswati and Grandson Sharath and their teaching became the foundation of my practice.  I continue to travel to Mysore, India on a regular basis to practice with Sharath and Saraswati.

I truly believe the practice itself is the true teacher and through my faith in the Ashtanga method I hope to inspire and nurture my students to cultivate their own yoga sadhana.  To know more check my website: teresamccollumyoga.com

Corinne PoracchiaCorinne Poracchia


A Physical Education graduate from Lyon, France, a former model, and founder of the Folio Montreal modeling agency, Corinne started her yoga practice in Autumn of 2000. After
several weeks of regular practice, she quickly realized that yoga would become much more for her than just another physical activity that promised to bring balance into her life as a businesswomen. Since then, yoga has indeed become an integral part of her daily life In 2007, she completed her first yoga teacher training with Lyne St-Roch. She then
completed another 12-month teacher training in Ashtanga yoga with Mark Darby in 2008,
both done in Montreal ( Canada) and a Kula style teacher training in 2013, in Connecticut, USA.



Julien_151963Julien Gagnon


Julien has been practicing yoga regularly for 14 years and has extensive teaching and dancing experience. He is widely recognized for his deep understanding of positioning and body alignment in yoga postures. Increasingly, both yoga teachers and experts in performance-related disciplines are turning to him to help them evolve in their practice. Since 2005, Julien has developed a tailored yoga routine for the elite swimmers of the Camo Swim Club in collaboration with Coach Greg Arkhurts. Their goal is to help these athletes improve their performance through yoga and, whenever possible, heal their injuries faster. This approach suits all disciplines of high quality. Over time, Julien has actively forged links with other disciplines concerned with the body and movement. In recent years, his approach to teaching yoga has been much influenced by practitioners of kinesiology, osteopathy and massage therapy. Similarly, the work of sport and dance therapist Joanna Abbatt has been a great source of inspiration. In a spirit of openness and exchange, Julien seeks to identify certain “truths” about movement through each of these disciplines in order to confirm what he has discovered through yoga. Thus, his natural sense of pedagogy makes him a teacher love by both athletes performance and those suffering from chronic illnesses. Originally certified in Ashtanga yoga, Julien also pursues his own continuous training with renowned yoga teachers and his the founder of Asana Performance, an organization dedicated for elite athletes and performers – from dance, circus, theatre – whose professions require the use of their bodies.

PAtricia LeducPatricia Leduc


Since she discovered yoga, Patricia has developed strength and gained confidence in life. For the passionate and active girl she was, it was the perfect lifestyle to adopt! So she took the big step and decided to make it her career. The more she explores the practice of yoga, the more she realizes the benefits of it every day. She learned to breathe deeper and calm her mind so she can see all the positivity around her. She is part of the 1st Wanderlust teacher training edition, she wants to continue to learn and teach her passion to her students.


IMG_2671Patricia Letendre


I discover yoga in 2001 during a session of classical ballet training at Montreal’s Dance Conservatory. The two first years of my voyage through this discipline were more difficult. Slowly, my relationship with yoga transformed itself into love at first sight. It then became obvious to me that I needed to teach. In 2009, I started the Hatha yoga teacher training at the Satyam school of Hatha yoga with Swami Premananda Saraswati (Hervé Blondon). Yoga is a passion, a daily exercise, but especially a lifestyle that allows me to maintain harmony in all aspects of my life. For me, a yoga class is a protected space that allows each person to enter inside themselves and achieve their own objectives, their own well-being.

Ève GuilbertÈve Guilbert


I have been practicing ballet since childhood. However, back in 2008 I discovered yoga. This experience has allowed me to pursue the same physical benefits while uncovering the advantages of mental wellbeing. In 2008 I started teaching different types of classes for several fitness centers. This experience has been extremely  rewarding because, among other things, it allowed me to become a lot more confident. Meanwhile, my passion for yoga has continued to grow. Last year, I decided to sign up for the Wanderlust teacher training, a decision I will never regret! In the future I hope to gain more knowledge and experience, while at the same time being able to support students through each of their yoga journeys.  Photo credit: Anne McIsaac


Beau-webBeau Campbell


Beau Campbell is a professional dancer, yoga and barre instructor, and photographer. She has performed soloist and principal roles in several classical, neoclassical, and contemporary works by choreographers including Ib Andersen, Petipa, Bournonville, Fokine, Balanchine and Christopher Wheel don. She is a certified yoga and barre instructor (200 hr RYT) and recently started an art and wellness brand called Aura that offers unique workshops and retreats, merging self-expression and conscious living. She has taught at several different studios and festivals across the United States and Canada, including Sutra Midtown, Woodside Health& Tennis Club, Wanderlust Festival & Arise Festival.

Julie Parent

FullSizeRenderI was already 30 years old when I found yoga. What a discovery! What a tool! Of all the methods I tried to be more serene, to feel good in my body and calm my wandering mind, it’s yoga which made me – and still makes me – progress the most.

Coming from a scientific background, I have a rather pragmatic approach to yoga. I like to understand – and make others understand – why we do what we do in yoga. Moreover, having always loved dancing, I like fluid, playful and creative flows while paying strict attention to alignments. Finally, being a nervous and very energetic person, my classes – and my practice – are filled with physically demanding postures and asanas working on the body’s flexibility. Most importantly I focus on coming back to the breath and adapting the practice to current needs

Looking forward to practice with you!

Valeria Gonzalez


valeria-gonzalezFor me yoga it’s a journey we take to learn about ourselves and raise our awareness. The practice of yoga stepped into my life very naturally, as I started  practicing when I was 18 back home in Mexico City.  I loved it and right away felt the need to commit to a regular practice, yoga became constant in my life and the best tool for dealing with challenges and difficult times. No matter where I travelled or where I lived, the practice of yoga kept my interest,  my desire to learn more and through teaching it , my spirit was filled with joy and gratitude.

In 2014 I moved to Montreal, discovered and fell in love with the vinyasa style of teaching which made me later on sign up for the Wanderlust Teacher Training (amazing experience!).  Yoga is not only something I do or teach, it’s what shapes the way I live my life. My philosophy is that anyone can practice yoga, anyone who is willing to try.  Namaste.






rachel-acobsRachel Jacobs


Rachel has been teaching yoga since 2009.  She completed her teacher training at Downward Dog Studio in Toronto and has continued her education at a number of studios in Montreal with a long list of workshops and specialty classes.  She has also completed a certification in prenatal yoga.
Rachel finished a university degree in Health Science and before becoming a yoga teacher worked as a circus artist touring throughout North America and Europe with the Montreal based companies Cavalia and Cirque Eloïze.   Being on tour and performing every night can be pretty uprooting.  Practicing yoga always helped to find a sense of stability and balance.
Rachel teaches yoga with a global perspective looking to deepen her students understanding of their own bodies and of the different yoga postures.  She hopes her students will be able to bring what they have learned on the mat out into their everyday lives.





adam-mahmoudAdam Mahmoud


Adam is an international yoga teacher, registered with the Yoga Alliance RYT 500. When he’s not busy traveling the world or being a professional fire performer, he dedicates himself to restorative, Hatha, Ashtanga, Vinyasa Yoga, to Yin and meditation. A real citizen of the world, he has lived in Ibiza, India, Bali, Australia and the UK over the past 6 years, hosting retreats and workshops as well as managing a yoga center. He teaches an active, alignment-based flow practice, guided by breath awareness and mindfulness meditation. His holistic approach aims to restore the connections between the body, the mind and the spirit, to achieve a better life.




S. Mathew - headshot Sacha Mathew

M.A., Indologis tand yoga teacher

Scholar for the Wanderlust Montreal teacher training

Sacha Mathew (Shantidas), M. A. is dedicated to the study and exploration of Yoga at its deepest source. In addition to being a student of A.G. Mohan’s, he holds a Master’s degree in History and Philosophy of Religion, concentrating on Yoga. Sacha teaches all aspects of Yoga, as well as Indian socio-cultural history, topics on which he has been invited to lecture in universities and Yoga teacher trainings. He is committed to continuing his study but also to sharing what he has learned with those interested in digging a little deeper. His lectures are designed to help Yoga teachers and students gain insights that will allow them to deepen their Yoga practice and thereby enrich their lives. He is based in Montreal, Canada.



Pascal AuclairPascal Auclair – Meditation Mile End, Tuesday 7:30pm

(Mainly french)

For almost twenty years, Pascal Auclair has been immersed in the practice and the study of the Buddhist teachings. He has participated in retreats with great Masters both in Asia and America. Pascal studied for four years under Joseph Goldstein and Jack Kornfield form the Insight Meditation Society in Massachusetts and the Spirit Rock Meditation Center in California. He now teaches in both of these internationally renowned centers as well as in Quebec and other Canadian provinces and in Europe. His traditional training combined with his deep knowledge and his creative expression fill him with a presence full of wisdom and compassion. Funny, warm and insightful, Pascal is a greatly appreciated teacher.

Photo: Salva Magaz

 Daryl Lynn Ross – Meditation Griffintown, Thursday 7:30pm


Daryl Lynn Ross lives and transmits the Buddhist teachings from the heart with a sensitivity to the unique path of each person. She is grateful to have teachers and mentors from several Buddhist and other traditions, including mystical Christian. For 22 years as a University Chaplain at Concordia University in Montreal she offered meditation practices and spiritual leadership. Co-founder and guiding teacher for True North Insight Meditation, Canada since 2003, Daryl teaches local meditation groups and intensive courses, mentors and counsels in personal meetings and offers a wide range of retreats. She is known for her clear, gentle, compassionate approach which is both accessible and profound.