2 studios in Montréal : 7 avenue Laurier east and 390 Rue Guy

Wanderfest Montreal

A whole month of festivities to let you appreciate the whole Wanderlust Experience in a concentrated version! We are more than happy to have international teachers from United States and Canada that will share their passion for yoga during classes and workshops! Discover the whole program below and don’t wait to register!  

Yin Live Music

Wanderlust Experience wouldn’t be complete without our unique Music Live Class!!! And for our festival, we offer you two Yin Live Music ! The perfect match to relax and travel inside with real softness.  

Member: FREE
Regular: 25$

The 18th of September @ 7:30pm  – Griffintown

A 90 minutes class guided by the wonderful Chloé Robertson and accompanied by Coralie Gauthier’ Harp…

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The 27th of September @ 7:30pm – Mile End 

A 90 minutes class guided by the wonderful Vanessa Dion Lirette and accompanied by Alex Kasirer-Smibert’s Guitar

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Kate Gillepsie and Matt Phippen – From 21st to 23rd of September

Intensive Weekend – Mile End Studio


Workshop: Folding and Unfolding
Friday 21st of September – 6:30pm to 8:30pm – Mile End
A balanced practice of forward folds and backbends to finish your week feeling great. Part vinyasa jam, part workshop, this practice will leave you inspired physically and mentally. Matt Phippen and Kate Gillespie are here at Wanderlust for the weekend, and this class will be a sneak preview of what they’ll have on offer. Come play and learn and see what they’ve got up their sleeve. Expect to learn new and creative ways to move your body, with all the feels and all the fun.
For Friday: Member 25$ ; Regular 35$
For the 3 days: Member 85$ ; Regular 115$
Workshop: Inversions + Backbends -Alignment + Refinement
Samedi 22 Septembre – 13h30 à 16h30 – Mile End
An in-depth and insightful exploration of commonly practiced inversions and their integral relationship to backbending postures. Matt Phippen and Kate Gillespie are coming to Wanderlust for a 3 hr workshop, focusing on Handstand, Forearm Balance and a variety of fun, explorative extensions for the spine. Expect a strong emphasis on alignment, body mechanics, and how to properly navigate various props. All levels.
For Satuday: Member 35$ ; Regular 45$
For the 3 Days: Member 85$ ; Regular 115$
Workshop: Props Shop! Accessing Advanced Postures 
Sunday 23rd of September – 1:30pm to 4:30pm – Mile End
Join Matt Phippen and Kate Gillespie for an exploration into the practical use of props to facilitate proper mechanics in challenging Yoga postures. Expect to learn proper technique with a softer approach; to feel GOOD in poses that are often inaccessible; and to learn tools to guide you towards a deeper physical practice that will last a life time. All levels.
For Sunday: Member 35$ ; Regular 45$
For 3 Days: Member 85$ ; Regular 115$




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