2 studios in Montréal : 7 avenue Laurier east and 390 Rue Guy

Workshops and Series


With Marie-Pier Turgeon
Saturday 25th of May @ Mile End – 2pm to 4pm

The Prāṇāyāma, translated as the expansion of vital energy, is one of the 8 members of ashtanga yoga described in the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali. The conscious practice of breathing exercises teaches us how to control the retention of air and the length of the breath, thus making it possible to multiply our vital, physical and psychic energy.

This two-hour workshop will cover: ujjayi, viloma pranayama, nadi shodhana, kumbhaka and kapalabhati.

Participants will receive a document with the themes and exercises discussed.

Member: 25$
Regular: 35$

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With Jeff Moscato
Saturday 1st of June @ Griffintown – 2pm to 4pm

Come PRESS your way into possibility! Join Jeff for a deep dive into fine-tuning your inversion practice and work to unlock the press handstand. Drawing from yoga, gymnastics and acrobatics practices, Jeff will breakdown the mechanics of getting upside down, address the physical anatomy of the press and explore how partner spotting and aerial yoga silks can provide support for accessing the press handstand. Fear of flight? Frequent flyer? All levels are welcome. Just bring your biggest laugh and a willingness to play!

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Yoga Detour in Montreal!
October 26 and 27 in Mile End!

Join Cecily Milne of Yoga Detour for the renowned Detour Method Immersion weekend. This training is known for bringing contemporary perspectives in movement research to the world of yoga asana, introducing instructors and serious students to a practice environment that is explorative and non-dogmatic. This opportunity could forever change the way you practice and teach, exposing the bridge between the yoga you already know and the broader world of movement that has so much to offer.

During this deep dive into the Detour method, we’ll explore:

~What it means to have a spine that’s both strong and mobile
~How to build strong glutes and hamstrings without compromising your range of motion
~The work required to keep the wrists and shoulders pain-free in arm balances and inversions
~How to turn the floor into a space for play, research and experimentation

Cecily will demonstrate how to bring this information into a led class setting, creating an informed full-body experience balanced with humour, question-asking and honest dialogue.

Per workshop
Members* : 75$
Regular : 85$

For the week-end immersion (4 workshops)
Members* : 275$
Regular : 300$

*For the studio’s members, please contact the studio to register!


Your Spine is Your Core
Saturday October 26, 10am to 1pm

In this workshop, you’ll learn what it means to have a spine that is both mobile and strong. This class provides the crucial foundation for everything else in the Yoga Detour™ approach.

In this workshop you can expect:

• To explore the blind spots we all have in our spine using various forms of tactile feedback
• To learn different methods for accessing spinal mobility that can be used in group classes as well as private sessions
• To understand the importance of proximal stability and how to introduce this concept to students at all levels
• To harness the power of neutral alignment without compromising your spine’s ability to move and remain responsive

This workshop will give you the building blocks to create balance in your entire body. When the spine and core move optimally, your entire movement practice will benefit.

Strong Feet – Strong Hamstrings – Strong Glutes: An Integrated Approach to Standing Postures
Saturday October 26, 2pm to 5pm

In this workshop, we will use the Yoga Detour™ method of joint isolation, muscle activation, and integration through progressive loading to build a strong, mobile lower body.

In this workshop you can expect:
• To learn how to bring strength and mobility to your feet and those of your students – even if all they’ve known until now are high heels or orthotics
• To understand the importance of loading your hamstrings through full range of motion to make them strong, without compromising your range of motion
• To learn how to mitigate “yoga-butt” – aka proximal hamstring tendinopathy
• To explore the link between mobile ankles, stable knees and mobile hips when it comes to practicing sustainable standing postures

This is the most population workshop in our series and never fails to bring the heat – literally. Expect to walk out feeling the muscles in your lower body in a whole new way – one that is strong, grounded and stable.

Upper Body Explorations: Arm Balances, Backbends and Inversions
Sunday October 27, 10am to 1pm

In this workshop, we will use the Yoga Detour™ method of joint isolation, muscle activation, and integration through progressive loading to build a strong, mobile upper body.

In this workshop you can expect:
• To learn how to keep wrists pain-free, strong and mobile so they can support you in arm balances
• To train straight-arm strength so that your shoulders and wrists support your elbows, even when they’re locked out/hyperextended
• To explore the basics of scapular stability, creating a strong foundation for overhead weight-bearing
• To understand the link between core stability and the shoulder mobility required in inverted postures like wheel and handstand

This approach to practice will teach you to see arm balances and inversions as expressions of movement, made up of multiple components. When we isolate these components before integrating them into more complex postures, even the most challenging positions will become accessible to all.

Putting It All Together
Sunday October 27, 2pm to 5pm

While the other sessions this weekend provide the pieces of a BIG puzzle, this culminating class puts them together in an accessible, inspiring way.

In this workshop you can expect:
• A led class with Cecily, where she’ll demonstrate what it looks like to put the Yoga Detour™ method into practice
• The opportunity to explore your favourite postures through the lens of “Isolate – Activate – Integrate”
• An in-depth dialogue on sequencing, functional movement and how to navigate the bridge between conventional and contemporary postural yoga

We’ll merge spinal movement and shoulder mobility with lower body strength and explorative approaches to the asana practice. This workshop will leave you excited to bring new material into your practice and teaching. We encourage you to attend at least one of the previous workshops if this one is of interest to you.