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Workshops and Series


YOGA 101 

With Patricia Leduc

These workshops are aimed for people who practice yoga and who would like to understand the poses taught in our classes. The goal is to take the time to break down the asanas and really understand the alignment and muscle groups to activate in order to get comfortable and, most of all, to be able to breathe easily. This is something we don’t always have time for in a regular class.

Sunday 28th of April – 12:30pm to 2:30pm @ Mile-End Studio

This workshop will go over spine extension poses, such as cobra, upward facing dog, grasshopper, bridge, wheel, bow, etc. We will see some notions that will help to make these poses safe and adapted to your body. We will also explore asymmetrical poses that combine the opening of the hips and the extension of the spine, such as dancer, pigeon and its variations. We will use tools such as the awareness of the body, the spine, the alignment, listening to your limits, and many others! You will be able to explore these tools for many other asanas. 

Member: 20$
Regular: 25$

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FITNESS Workshops

With Jeanne Dubé


Motivated by her desire to perform, her interest in movement and her exploration of physical capabilities, Jeanne is always looking to stretch her limits. Her mission? Promote a multidisciplinary approach so that each individual can develop their full physical potential, optimize their movements and increase their body awareness. Her teaching is based on the three principles of stability, strength and mobility. 
This is why she is offering at our studios 3 workshops to build and strengthen your yoga practice.
For 1 workshop: 25$
For the 3 workshops: 60$
For 1 workshop: 35$
For the 3 workshops: 90$


1st workshop: Strengthen, sculpt and define your glutes

This functional training workshop will be divided in two parts:

The first part, in the form of a seminary, will display a full range of the main lower body forms such as the squat, the lunge and the different posterior chain exercices. We will break down the postures to understand each motor pattern, learn how to integrate the key elements of each form and maintain quality of execution with speed or a larger weight. A good opportunity to better your technique and optimize each movement.

The second part will be all about integration. We will put in practice the learned elements in the form of a high intensity interval training. Fun and sweat guaranteed!

Saturday 26th of January – 2pm to 4pm @ Mile-End

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2nd workshop: Balance, strength and definition of arms and shoulders
A yoga practice keeps us working on the same level when working with the upper body. Chaturanga, Upward Dog, Downward Dog, Handstand… All these motions make us push the floor away and put a strain on the anterior chain. In order to balance this, the workshop will mainly explore pulling motions. Through diverse strength and endurance exercices, we will target antagonist muscular chains of the shoulders, the back and the arms that will help develop a better upper body strength and will support your practice.
Saturday 9th of March – 2pm to 4pm @ Mile-End

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3rd workshop: Deep abdominal muscles stability and strength

The core is the keystone of good posture, back health and a better connection between the upper and lower body. No need for a six pack to develop strong abdominals. This third workshop of the series will touch on the strengthening and stability of deep abdominal muscles. Through diverse exercices and intelligent sequences that use bodyweight and props, we will directly target the core area. Be prepared to work harder, but better!

Saturday 30th of March – 2pm to 4pm @ Griffintown

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Biomechanics Training 25 HOURS

With Patricia Letendre and Jean-Paul Raphael



Patricia and Jean-Paul quickly developed a common passion for the structure and function of the human body. In line with the global movement seeking to combine physical practice and biomechanics, they unite their efforts to offer a training on the functional aspect of movement in asana and pranayama.

The goal of the training is to verbalize the existing links between the science of the human body and yoga. By giving tools to teachers and serious students, they seek to give them awareness of their impact on the body and its physical health. Because anatomy notions are often reserved to a fragment of the health field, they would like to make knowledge on the human body more accessible. The training will look into movement, anatomy and physiology and will apply them concretely on yoga, asanas and pranayama exercices.

1 Module: 540$*
1 Module: 600$

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MODULE 1: Spine and Breath (25h)

9,10,23 & 24 of March.
Saturday: 12:30pm to 6:30pm
Sunday: 10am à 5pm



This module is a prerequisite for all our past and future trainings. It installs fondamental knowledge about the foundation of the physical body: the torso and the breath. In this module we will present the biomechanics and physiological concepts necessary to the understanding of the course, the pillars of movement, different exercices supported by different body pedagogy methods and applied pranayama exercices. We will integrate all these methods in a logical practice.
Saturday, March 9th
Presentation of the teachers and participants
Review of pre-training
Test on anterior knowledge
Consolidation of local anatomical knowledge
Establishment of the vocabulary and definitions
Sequence work
Sunday, March 10th
Introduction to biomechanics
Physiological concepts
Movement pillars
Integration of knowledge
Saturday, March 23rd
Assignment review
Types of feedback
Orthopaedic exercices
Anatomy of breath
Functional pranayama
Sunday, March 24th
Breath and musculoskeletal system
Yogic application
Indication and directions practice
Consolidation of knowledge

Cosmic Flow: Astrology and Yoga

With Vanessa DL
Saturday 23rd of March @ Mile-End

In this workshop, we approach yoga from a different angle. If stars have an effect on our body and our psyche, then we can adapt our practice to harness these energies in a productive way.

End of March is the moment where we enter Aries sign, the zodiac first sign. In this 2 hour cosmic workshop, we will use the energy of the moment to practice and journaling. 

Apart from your usual yoga gear, you will need to bring a journal and a pen.


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