2 studios in Montréal : 7 avenue Laurier east and 390 Rue Guy

Workshops and Series


The Skillful Yogi: Master Class series

Barrie Risman

Griffintown – 8H45 à 10H30


Barrie Risman is widely regarded as one of Canada’s most highly skilled yoga educators and teacher–trainers. Her events weave together the technical precision of refined alignment-based practice with an ever-present awareness of the great wisdom of yoga philosophy distilled from decades of intensive study and practice. Barrie is the proud creator of The Skillful Yogi, a thriving online community of teachers and students dedicated to deepening their practice and living their yoga, and the author of the forthcoming book, Evolving Your Yoga: 10 Principles for Enlightened Practice. www.barrierisman.com

Saturday 17th of November – Arm balances: The Gift of One-pointed Focus

Learn how to practice arm balances with confidence and clarity. We’ll deconstruct the elements of these powerful yet challenging poses

Saturday 1st of December – Deep Restorative & Pranayama: Harnessing the Vital Power

Tap into the wellspring of equanimity, peace and inner well-being for rejuvenation and renewal through supported postures and guided breathwork.


For yoga teachers and continuing students.

25$ Member
80$ for the 4 workshops – Member 
120$ for the 4 workshops – Regular

Workshops on Basics with Patricia Leduc




These workshops of 2 Hours are especially built for Yoga Vinyasa beginners or even more intermediate students. The objective is to take the time to unravel asanas and to really understand the alignements and the muscles groups to activate in order to feel confortable in the posture and above all to be able to breathe within it. It is possible to get injured in Yoga, especially if you repeat again and again a bad mouvement several time a week, a month on the same articulation. These workshops will allow you to avoid injuries and take a break. A break that we don’t always have the time to take during regular classes so enjoy it, we always learn something !!!

Saturday, 17th of November – 2pm to 4pm – Mile End

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Cosmic Flow – Astrology and Yoga

With Vanessa DL
December 1st @ 2pm – Mile End



In this workshop, we approach yoga from a different angle. If stars have an effect on our body and our psyche, then we can adapt our practice to harness these energies in a productive way.

In this 2 hour 30 minute cosmic workshop, we will use asanas as a Slow Flow, guided meditations and a writing ritual to clarify our intentions. All this while deepening our understanding of current astrological transits.

Apart from your usual yoga gear, you will need to bring a journal and a pen.



Membre: 25$
Non Membre: 35$

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Vision Flow

With Asami Martens
December 15th @ 2pm – Griffintown
Join Asami for 3 hour workshop for reflection and appreciation for this year, and goal setting in visualize meditation for the holiday season and the new year to come. 
The workshop begins with revising your memories of the year in writing, following by 75 minutes of wholehearted backbending practice. We will complete our practice with guided visualize meditation and goal setting in writing so you feel prepared for your with 2019! BRING A PEN AND A NOTEBOOK.
Member: 30$
Regular: 35$