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Workshops, Series and Guest Teachers

Intensive week-end – October 20th – 22nd

Alexandria Crow
From Yoga Physics

Spend a weekend learning about the practice of yoga by looking at the inner workings of yogic philosophy, the body, and the mind so that the practice becomes personal, effective and wise. The practice of yoga is an individual journey that is mostly taught in group format these days. In order to work within the current context with wisdom students must look deeply at their body and mind as it relates to each and every class and all with the philosophy of yoga as a practice at the root.




Friday: Mile End Studio

Saturday: Griffintown Studio 

Dimanche: Mile End Studio

Fri Oct 20th 6:30pm – 8:30pm – Why do we do asana? (intro conference)
What are we trying to learn and/or access in these postures? In this lecture/discussion we will look at the philosophy behind a yoga practice and how to bring that consciousness and understanding to the physical practice. This awareness when layered upon the poses makes for a complete practice that can bring about transformation and growth both in the physical body and one’s approach to how they live.
Sat Oct 21st (am) 7:30am – 10:30am – The Deepest Layers – The nervous system, skeletal range, and basic biomechanics
We will begin by looking at how the nervous system affects the body and it’s range of motion. The class will begin with at least an hour long physical asana practice where students will set a baseline of their personal range of motion and skeletal structure both before and after the transition their nervous system into the parasympathetic system. Class will be followed with a lecture and diagnostic lab where we will look at the basic biomechanics of all the joint regions in the body in relation to the most common shapes performed in class and discuss the general amount of range that can be expected out of each joint region and what to do if there is limitations.
Sat Oct 21st (pm) 12:30pm – 3:30pm – Feet, Legs, Knees, Hips and Spine
The hip and spine perform a biomechanical dance that, when understood, allows a wise approach to postures such as Forward Folds, Arm Balances, Hip Openers and Basic Backbends. Class will begin with at least an hour long asana class aimed at learning ones individual skeletal structure and range of motion in the ankle, knee, hip and spine allows students to approach postures with wisdom and can help prevent unnecessary injuries in these areas. We will look at how these joints are affected in standing, seated, and other categories of postures. Class will be followed by a lecture where students will learn about how the hip’s limitation and position impact the spine, learn underlying reasons for the range of motion in the hip and how to keep your lower back and SI region safe.
Sun Oct 22nd (am) 8:30am – 11:30am – Wrists, Elbows and Shoulders
Asana can and does injure students’ wrists, elbows and shoulders far too often, but it’s something that can be avoided. There are some basic skeletal issues that need to be understood in relation to the upper extremities and shoulders as they impact poses where body weight is placed on the hands. We will begin with at least an hour long asana class designed to allow students to explored these regions of their body in both weight bearing and non-weight bearing poses. Class will be followed by a lecture where the anatomy and mechanics of these joint regions will be explored and discussed and students individual range of motion and strength will be looked at as it relates to common postures in class allowing them to learn how to modify and work with wisdom for their own unique physicality.
Sun Oct 22nd (pm) 1:30pm – 4:30pm – Shoulders and Spine
In a similar fashion to the hip and spine, the shoulder and spine also participate in a partnership that can help strengthen and stabilize those regions preventing injury when functioning properly. Drawing on the information from the earlier modules while adding in newly learned information in this workshop, students will start with an asana practice with the full body in mind and bring all of the pieces together. We will then dissect the shoulder girdle and spine as they relate to inversions and backbends that may have previously been out of reach from an understanding of your own unique structure. We will also look at how twists function within the spine and how to approach them with the underlying layers of the body in mind. At the end of this workshop students will know their own unique body, it’s range, and how to work with it with wisdom in any asana class they attend.

Friday: Mile End Studio

Saturday: Griffintown Studio

Dimanche: Mile End Studio

Regular price: 375$

125$ per individual workshop on saturday and sunday. Friday’s workshop cost 50 dollars. 

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 Advanced Workshops

Janie Pelletier , Terri McCollum, Chloé Robertson and Adam Mahmoud are offering us the opportunity to learn from their Great Knowledge! You don’t have to be an advanced practitioner, just bring your curiosity and desire to take your practice a step forward!

Chaturanga 101 Janie Pelletier November 4th – GT
The Warriors Chloé Robertson November 25th – GT
 Inversions  Adam Mahmoud  December 9th – GT

Saturdays 2pm till 4pm
Member 25$ – Non-Member 35$

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Beginner Series

You are new to yoga and don’t know where to start? This accessible series of 4 introductory classes is what you are looking for! You will:

  • Discover the concept of alignment and fondation to feel safe and strong
  • Learn the benefits of a regular pratice in your daily life
  • Clarify basic anatomy to understand the effect of the postures
  • find answers to your questions
  • and much more!

A series in 4 weeks: Each week will be about a different groupe of postures:

Week 1 Standing Postures
Week 2 Twist and Backbends
Week 3 Sun Salutation and forward fold
Week 4 Simple Flow  and balancing postures


Mile End Studio

With Corinne Poracchia
October 7th-14th-21st-28th 2017


Griffintown Studio

With Janie Pelletier
November 4th-11th-18th-25th 2017

Saturday 9am till 10h30am
20$ – 1 class / 65$ – Complete Series
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Yoga Biomechanics

35 hours Anatomy training with 

Patricia Saraswati Letendre, yoga teacher

Jean-Paul Raphaël, certified athletic therapist


An approach linking science of the body

 Week end Schedule
Friday Jan 26 & Feb  9  6pm – 9pm
Saturday Jan 27 &  Feb 10 9am – 4pm
Sunday Jan 28 & Feb 11 9am – 4pm


Patricia and Jean-Paul quickly discovered a common passion for the structure and function of the human body. After many exchanges, they united their efforts to offer training on the functional aspect of the movement in the practice of asanas and pranayama.


The course’s intention is to verbalize the links between the science of the human body and yoga. By equipping teachers and serious students with further scientific knowledge, we want to increase awareness on the impact they have on physical health.


Because anatomical notions are often reserved for a small part of the healthcare community, we would like to democratize and make available knowledge about the human body.


We will study theoretical notions about motion, anatomy and physiology and apply them to yoga practice, asanas and pranayama exercises.
Duration: (First Friday from 6pm to 9pm)
In this first evening we will take the time to introduce the trainers and the students. We will reinforce the basic knowledge of anatomy, define the vocabulary and introduce biomechanics.
A small test will be done, to make sure we all start on solid foundations.

Physiological Concepts

Duration: 6h (First Saturday, 9am to 12pm and 1pm to 4pm)
This day will be used to install the vocabulary and the more advanced concepts needed to understand the course. We will also create a link between this vocabulary and the participants’ practice. Finally, everyone will begin their own personal progress process.
Duration: 3h (First Sunday 9am to noon)
Breathing is the cornerstone of yogic practice. Here, we will explore the links between scientific discoveries and existing practice. We will add a physiological reason to the importance of respiration.
Centralization of joints
1: spineDuration: 3 hours (first Sunday, 1 pm to 4pm)
2: peripheral joints
Duration: 3h (Second Friday, 6pm to 9pm)
Proper positioning of the joints is essential to the optimal functioning of the human body in motion. In this section, we will see central concepts of biomechanics and explore methods of learning new patterns of movement to create a fluid and safe practice.
Duration: 6h (Second Saturday, 9am to 12pm and 1pm to 4pm)
The foundations of the body are often used in yoga to establish connection with the ground. Anchors are fundamental in the therapeutic understanding of movement as well. Here, we will examine in more detail the roots of the human body and their impact on the practice of yoga.
Duration: 3h (Second Sunday, 9h to 12h)
The inversions are an applied form of all the chapters seen previously, but also find a place in the world of health. Many professionals look at the therapeutic effects of inversion and the benefits of this common yoga practice.
Duration: 3h (Second Sunday, 1pm to 4pm)
In this last part, we want to integrate everything that has been seen during the lasts weekends. We will use real life examples to consolidate the knowledge acquired during the course. We will finally recall the core teachings of the course.
First Edition rate special!
Until December 2017 – 600$
After December 2017 – 700$

 Flow Therapy

Balance your elements (winter/water, spring/wood)

yoga|massage therapy | aromatherapy

with Patricia Letendre et Maïté Godin

Feb 25th & May 6th

These yoga classes target the balance of your elements throughout the seasons based on the principles of traditional Chinese medicine.

The classes consist of 60 minutes of vinyasa flow (yang) followed by 60 minutes of yin, during which we use the therapeutic benefits of essential oils as well as massotherapy maneuvers to activate the energy work of the meridians.

patricia-letendre-webPatricia Letendre

I discover yoga in 2001 during a session of classical ballet training at Montreal’s Dance Conservatory. The two first years of my voyage through this discipline were more difficult. Slowly, my relationship with yoga transformed itself into love at first sight. It then became obvious to me that I needed to teach. In 2009, I started the Hatha yoga teacher training at the Satyam school of Hatha yoga with Swami Premananda Saraswati (Hervé Blondon). Yoga is a passion, a daily exercise, but especially a lifestyle that allows me to maintain harmony in all aspects of my life. For me, a yoga class is a protected space that allows each person to enter inside themselves and achieve their own objectives, their own well-being.


Maïté Godinmaite-godin-web 

Having always been intrigued by the human nature, my journey through massage therapy allowed me to explore the combination between our body composition and our emotional dimension. In 2007 I started my training in Swedish therapeutic massage at the Guijek school in Montreal. I then continued my training, focusing more on globalizing and energetic approaches, such as Yoga, Reiki and Lomilomi. Today, I want to offer assets to the population so that they can take care of themselves using different techniques.


February 26th


May 14th


Sunday 2pm till 4pm
Member 25$ – Non-Member 35$
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