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Workshops and Series

AcroChezToi with Jill Campbell and Aaron Levy




Are you at home with your partner? Your roommate? Your adult(ish) child? Would you like to find ways to connect, play, laugh, and get some exercise? Would you like to interact, collaborate and exchange touch? Have you ever been shy to come to an acroyoga class? Do you suddenly have enough time to try something new or build on something you started?

Aaron and Jill are offering acroyoga workshops every Wednesday and Sunday @ 7:30 pm. The idea is to inspire you to connect and communicate with your housemates and partners through challenge and enjoyment. Each class will be unique as we offer material to stack, lean, and use your bodies together, learning to support and be supported. We will get creative to keep everyone safe while working in pairs at home.

To respect the recommended social distancing, please participate only with people you live with.

Where: ChezToi (Your house)

When: Wednesdays and Sundays 19h30 Eastern Standard

Cost: All prices are per household
$10 CDN drop in per class

To register click here! 

You will receive the link for the LIVE class 10 minutes before it starts. Please if you don’t have a ZOOM account, take time to create one before. You’ll receive the replay after the class.

***Replay of the classes will be accessible for three days until the next class begins. The replay version is fun, yet keep in mind that in the live class we will be coaching participants as per their individual needs.


Arm balances and inversions with Terri McCollum


An afternoon of fun and play! This will be a practical approach to going upside down and balancing on our arms. We will explore the strength and mobility needed to access classical postures and we will look at alternatives to some of the classical poses (like headstand and) to expand our options.

Props needed: 2 blocks, strap or belt, & wall

When: 23rd of May from 1pm to 3pm 

Cost: 25$
You’ll receive the link of the workshop 10 to 15 minutes before it starts. Replay available for 48 hours.

To register, click here!