2 studios in Montréal : Mile End and Griffintown

Training Structure


If you are interested, please contact Marion: mmunoz@wanderlustyoga.com


Step 1- Pre-trainingjournal_web2

A 100-hour self-study course designed to unfold across 4 weeks leading into each Module (25 hours per pre-training).  This section is filled with basic educational tools, videos, reference materials and self-administered tests. The goal is for every student to begin the in-person Modules with the same core knowledge.

Week 1:
• Why the Path of Yoga?  Guided Self Study Exercises
• A Meditation Practice for Life with Rod Stryker
• Welcome to Speaking (and Thinking in Sanskrit) with Leslie Freyberg
• Inhabiting the Teacher Mind

Week 2:
• Pranayama Theory and Technique with Rod Stryker
• The History and Influence of Iyengar Yoga with Carrie Owerko
• Light on Yoga and Other Bibles of the Path
• Sanskrit Continued

Week 3:
• The History and Influence of Ashtanga Yoga with Jason Bowman
• Becoming the Chant with Erin Dudley and Jason Bowman
• Sanskrit Continued
• Intro to Teaching Practice

Week 4:
• Dharma and Purpose with Kerri Kelly, Suzanne Sterling & Hala Khouri
• Sanskrit Continued
• Teaching Practice Continued
• The Holistic Yogic Path

Step 2- Modules

tt81Each module is 50-hours of in-person training for a total of 200-hours. Modules can be completed in different locations. Here is the schedule for the Montreal Studio.

Friday : 6:30pm – 9:30pm
Friday: 12:30pm – 6:30pm
Sunday: 8:30am – 5:30pm

Module 1: Roots
• History of Yoga: 3hrs
• Sanskrit: 2hrs
• Pranayama: 4hrs
• Chandra and cat/cow: 4hrs
• Surya A: 5hrs
• Surya B: 5hrs
• Fundamentals of Teaching Vinyasa Style: 3hrs
• Applied Anatomy: 8hrs
• Adjustments: 5hrs
• Practice Teaching: 5hrs
• Ethics: 1hrs

• 8 limbs: 4hrs

Module 2: Structure/Scaffolding
• Anatomy and Physiology Part 1: 8hrs
• Adjustments: 5hrs
• Self Bodywork: 4hrs
• Sequence of Sound: 2hrs
• Standing poses: 5hrs
• Balancing poses: 4hrs
• Backbending: 4hrs
• Twists: 4hrs
• Sequencing & practice teaching: 5hrs

Module 3:  Voice 
• Anatomy and Physiology Part 2: 12hrs
• Hips/arm balancing: 4hrs
• Seated postures and fwd bends: 4hrs
• Bandhas/kriyas: 4hrs
• Sutras: 4hrs
• Mantra: 4hrs
• Murtis: 2hrs
• Koshas: 2hrs
• Sequencing & practice teaching: 9hrs

Module 4: True North
• Inversions: 4hrs
• Yin/Restorative: 3hrs
• Prenatal: 2hrs
• Biz of Yoga: 2hrs
• Vinyasa Rx: 9hrs
• Chakras: 4hrs
• Path of a Teacher: 4hrs
• Yoga Nidra: 2hrs
• Meditation: 3hrs
• Practice Teaching: 12hrs